• Amalgon - WCM

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    Amalgon - WCM

    EPA studies show nearly 50% of mercury in public wastewater treatment systems comes from dental offices. If you remove or place amalgam, your office generates hazardous, amalgam-contaminated waste that must be disposed of...

  • Contour - Kerr

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    Contour - Kerr

    Contour is a dispersed phase (admix) alloy that features a firm pack with smooth carving. With 70% spherical and 30% lathe-cut particles, you get more body for better contacts in an easy-to-condense formulation. Contour helps avoid chipping and flaking...

  • GS-80 - SDI

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    GS-80 - SDI

    Economical,  non-gamma 2,  admix alloy The technically advanced, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam at an affordable price. GS-80’s high strength and positive dimensional change ensures longevity and patient satisfaction.

  • Joy Alloy - 3D

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    Joy Alloy - 3D

    The Joy-Alloy amalgam is a spherical lathe cut blended amalgam alloy (Type III) with full 40% silver content. It provides excellent stability, enhanced corrosion resistance and  reduced ditching.

  • Lojic + SDI

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    Lojic + SDI

    High silver,  high strength, spherical amalgam Lojic+, the platinum modified, high silver, non-gamma 2 spherical amalgam Lojic+ has exceptional early strength, smooth handling and excellent polishability

  • Silamat S6 - Ivoclar

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    Silamat S6 - Ivoclar

    The Silamat S6 is a modern universal mixing device for amalgam, glass ionomer cements and other predosed dental materials in capsules and injection capsules. The Silamat S6 can be used to mix the contents of all popular capsules and injection...

  • Syclone - Crosstex

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    Syclone - Crosstex

    Be compliant with the EPA requirement for amalgam separators in the dental practice, while contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.  Cutting edge cyclonic action delivers highly efficient >99% amalgam separation  Simple...

  • Tytin - Kerr

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    Tytin - Kerr

    The thoroughbred of alloys with a high silver content and spherical particle formula, Tytin has delivered excellent clinical performance for decades. It is extremely smooth, easy to place and carve, and accepts immediate polishing (3 minutes) in Class I...

  • Tytin FC - Kerr

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    Tytin FC - Kerr

    Tytin - Firm Condensation formula has a worldwide reputation for its reliable performance. This patented and technically advanced material combines all the desirable handling characteristics of admixed alloys, with none of the drawbacks. It has good,...

  • Ultramat - SDI

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    Ultramat - SDI

    High speed multi-use triturator Accurate and consistent trituration Low vibration and extremely quiet Simple to use – just 3 buttons Suitable for all your capsules Easy to clean Low power indicator and shut off function Dual voltage 2...

  • Valiant - Ivoclar

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    Valiant - Ivoclar

    This original spherical amalgam formulation has been a proven champion for over 20 years. Palladium enriched for remarkably high early strengths and with a high copper content for added corrosion resistance, the spherical particles provide exceptionally...

  • Valiant Ph.D - Ivoclar

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    Valiant Ph.D - Ivoclar

    Carrying on the Valiant tradition in a phase-dispersed formulation, Valiant Ph.D. has the lowest mercury content of any dispersed phase system and a high copper content that eliminates the Gamma II compound completely. Palladium enriched to build early...