Surface Sealants

  • Fuji Coat LC

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    Fuji Coat LC

    GC Fuji COAT LC is formulated from a unique blend of special monomers, developed to penetrate and seal glass ionomer materials. This product seals the margin and surface defects, leaving an extra smooth surface on final restorations. GC Fuji COAT LC...

  • G-Coat Plus

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    G-Coat Plus

    G-COAT PLUS is the only light-cured, protective clear coating formulated with adhesive monomer and nanofillers. One thin coat protects margins, prevents staining and provides a high gloss (comparable to intense polishing).  

  • OptiGuard


    Surface Sealant OptiGuard is a fluoride releasing composite surface sealant comprised of unfilled, light-cured resin material. OptiGuard fills and strengthens the composite surface after finishing. High-speed finishing techniques often create cracks...