Alginate Substitutes

  • AlgiNot - Kerr

    AlgiNot - Kerr

    Alginate Alternative No hand mixing. Eliminates mess and cleanup. Saves time and material. Delivery options. Cartridge or Volume™ automix dispensing. Impressions remain stable. You can pour immediately or when it's...

  • Silgimix - Sultan

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    Silgimix - Sultan

    Silgimix is a vinyl polysiloxane material that is used for making impression study models, orthodontic models, counter impressions, provisionals, bleaching trays and more. Silgimix is packaged in a disposable 380ml cartridges for automatic mixing...

  • Xantasil - Kulzer

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    Xantasil - Kulzer

    The addition curing, elastomeric alginate substitute xantasil removes time pressure from the process of creating anatomic impressions. You can pour the impression later and pour it multiple times due to its impressive dimensional stability, since it has...