VacuLUX Autoclavable Mouthpiece Small 4/pkg
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VacuLUX Autoclavable Mouthpiece Small 4/pkg

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The universal VacuLUX mouthpiece was designed to fit your Zyris Isolite, Dryshield or VacuLUX isolation systems for comfortable and effective aerosol & spatter reduction.

  • Features

    In addition to a bite block, tongue guard, cheek retractor, high-volume suction and isolation, features of the VacuLUX mouthpiece include:

    • Universal. Fits your Zyris Isolite, Dryshield or VacuLUX HVE isolation systems
    • Autoclavable. Approximately 50 cycles per mouthpiece.
    • Comfortable. Designed with a soft, silicone material and a patent-pending comfort flap for increased patient acceptance.
    • Optically Clear. Built in light guide and made of optically clear silicone for optimal illumination with your Zyris Isolite system or our HyperLUX light engine.
    • Rollover Edge. Captures escaping liquid for increased spatter reduction and evacuation.


    • Included


      Included with the 4 Pack of mouthpieces:

      • 4 size small autoclavable mouthpieces
      • Instructions and care guide

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VacuLUX Autoclavable Mouthpiece Small 4/pkg